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Fantastic Short Bob Hairstyles

There is no doubt that the bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles in the world. It has a variety of styles and looks to flatter different hair lengths. You can choose to have a cool, short bob cut or keep it over your shoulders for longer. This is an ideal hairstyle if you want to cut your long hair short but are not too radical. Finally, make sure that your new bob cut fits your face shape well.

Dull and messy

Dull and messy

In addition to a polished, blunt bob haircut, you can also combine it with soft waves and curls for a friendlier and more casual chic.

Choppy layers

Short layers can make your bob haircut look interesting and entertaining. There are so many ways to style them like side sweep, a chunky cut, and smooth straight ends.

Loose waves

Subtle waves and curls can add lots of textures and movements to your hair look. They would work best for these finely textured girls with a polished finish.

Swept sideways

A deep side part can give your final style a strong modern-chic sense. The good news is that it looks perfect for both straight and wavy hair.

Swept sideways and wavy

This is a polished version of a short wavy bob with a deep side part. You can dress it up for work or just change your daily look.

Waves ruffled

Style your bob haircut with gentle waves or curls for a trendy style. You can also give it a polished look to combine with your evening dress for a formal occasion.

Voluminous curls

It seems that old Hollywood style has returned for women's hairstyle trends. You can create barrel curls with a large hot iron, and you may need a longer hair length to wear them.


If you're a girl who likes the messy-chic style, a chunky bob may be your ideal option, and it would look better with blunt-cut bangs in the front.


A tousled bob hairstyle can give a cool and carefree style and look for any woman. You should style your waves loosely and freely at the bottom of your hair.


A midsection can give a different impression of how your hair frames your face. In combination with the classy bob cut, your face would look open.
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