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Fantastic Uses for Washi Tapes

Have you had some DIY ideas with small washi ribbons? In fact, Washi Tapes can offer you a lot of fantastic DIY projects. If you've never thought about it, you can get inspiration from today's post.

Prettydesigns continue to bring you something funny and pretty. Just stay with us. You can find fantastic uses for Washi Tape. Collect your used bottles, including mason jars and wine bottles, and turn them into vases. Then you can use washi tapes to decorate your own vases. Maybe you can easily identify the keys with washi tape. A small washi tape can be used to decorate many different things.

You can find more ideas in the post. Learn DIY projects and use some washi ribbons to keep your hands busy.

Nice vases

Nice vases

Nice vases over

It's great if you combine old bottles with the beautiful washi tapes.

Lively clipboards

Vibrant clipboards about

Why don't you style your clipboards with the Washi tapes?


Clothespins over

Decorating your clothes pegs with washi ribbons can add color to your life.


Organizer about

Washi tape in the planner

Washi Tape Mini wooden pallet

Washi Tape Mini wooden pallet over

Because of the splash of color, you can use washi tapes to mark something on your planner.

Washi tape decor

Washi tape decor over

Identify the keys with washi tape

Identify the keys with washi tape over

Cards with washi tapes

Cards with washi tapes over

Washi tape bookmark

Washi tape bookmarks over

Make stick dolls

Craft stick dolls over

Washi tape greeting card

Washi tape greeting card over

Washi tape switch plates

Washi Tape Switch Plates over

Washi tape candle holder

Washi tape candle holder over

Washi tape frame

Washi tape frame over

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