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Fashionable Wrist Tattoos for Both Men
and Women

Fashionable Wrist Tattoos for Both Men and Women

What place would you most like to ink a tattoo for tattoo lovers? Today I would like to recommend you a good position. That is the wrist. In the gallery below you can see some fabulous wrist tattoo designs. It's actually not fresh for us to see someone with a tattoo on their wrist, but I still want you to see the tattoo designs because they are really cute and chic.

All of these tattoos are tiny tattoos, but are still neglectfully eye-catching. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can always find the one that suits you. Scroll down and check out these stunning tattoo designs below. Enjoy!

Map tattoo on the wrist

Map tattoo on wrist over

16 fashionable wrist tattoos

Beautiful sailboat tattoo on the wrist

Nice sailboat tattoo on wrist over

Keyhole tattoo

Keyhole tattoo about

Mountain tattoo

Mountain tattoo about

Creative wrist tattoo

Creative wrist tattoo about

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar skull tattoo about

Quote tattoo on wrist

Quote tattoo on wrist about

Nice bow tattoo

Nice bow tattoo about

Pretty bow tattoo

Pretty bow tattoo about

Nice bird tattoo

Nice bird tattoo about

An anchor tattoo

An anchor tattoo about

Roman number tattoos

Roman Number Tattoos about

Feather bracelet tattoo

Feather bracelet tattoo about

Beautiful pigeon tattoo

Beautiful pigeon tattoo about

Cute bunny and moon tattoo

Cute bunny and moon tattoo about

Simple wrist tattoo

Simple wrist tattoo over

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