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Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Women

Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Women

The Faux Hawk is a trendy version of one of the oldest haircuts in the world. The Mohawk takes its name from the warriors of an Indian tribe and was carried by cultures around the world, from the time of the ancient warriors to the punk rockers of today. Mohawks are characterized by the fact that both sides of the head are shaved and that a stripe with noticeably longer hair remains in the middle. Of course, this could be seen as a bit too extreme for many people, and that's how the Faux Hawk came into fashion. By simply straightening the sides of your hair and lifting the middle sections, you can maintain the overall structure and nervousness of the Mohawk without doing anything to your curls. Faux hawks fit all hair lengths and textures and can make anyone look seriously stylish. Here are some of our favorite faux hawk looks to inspire you.

Multi-dimensional faux hawk for women

This incredibly complicated up-do is almost like two styles in one and proves that even girls with long, feminine blonde curls can rock a rebellious faux hawk. A tight French braid on the sides pushes the perfectly coiffed height up and the tiny bun on the back gives the illusion of short hair.

Side braided hair


Punk Princess – Fauxhawk hairstyle for women

It's no secret that the Faux Hawk is the ultimate style for every rock chick. You can unleash your inner punk princess without doing anything too long-lasting or drastic. Just try this look. All you need is serious combing back and a smooth side braid.

Windblown faux hawk like hair


Caramel Swirl – Trendy Fauxhawk inspired hairstyle for women

This faux hawk really gives the illusion of shaved sides. Extremely tight and tiny braids in the Cornrow style emphasize the caramel-colored waves.

Hair combed back


Fishtail Braid Ponytail – Fauxhawk inspired hairstyle for women

The fishtail braid is generally considered one of the most beautiful and complex hairstyles ever. Placing the braid at the top of your head in a faux hawk style will add a touch of mermaid magic to an otherwise unremarkable hairstyle.

Braided ponytail for straight hair


Faux Hawk ponytail

Who would have ever thought that a seemingly simple ponytail could be so nervous? This stylish pony almost looks like an optical illusion. There's so much going on in this look that the wearer can have his hair long and flowing while still rocking the heightened height of the faux hawk.

Faux hawk like ponytail


Pastel Pixie – Fauxhawk inspired haircut for short hair

Pixie crops are some of the simplest haircuts to experiment with false hawks. All you have to do is bring the longer layers into a bold, drawn-up style. As if this wasn't cute enough, the pastel blue tone of the hair is both fun and fashionable.

Silver-blue short hair


Crimped Braids – Fauxhawk hairstyle for women

The ruffled style of this falcon braid almost makes it look like thick dreadlocks. Honey blonde and dark brown ombre work together to give these curls even more depth and texture.

Braided hair


Pink punk pixie

If you want to experiment with a mohawk hairstyle, try this funky look. This messy pixie crop with shaved sides and bangs in the face frame gets even more dramatic thanks to the pink color.

Pink faux hawk


The pompadour

There are many softer variations of faux hawk that girls can enjoy. This striking style, however, comes close to the original daring mohawk worn by punks and rock chicks around the world. Keep the sides super short and the top filled up with a lot of dramatic height.

Short hair for women


hair Art

This rebellious, spiky faux hawk is the perfect combination of feminine and wild. The artistic roses shaved in the back are the ideal contrast to the hard-angled, gelled center.

Spiky short hair


French braided faux hawk

Here's an example of how you can convert long locks to a Mohawk style without having to shave the sides. This long hair was swept into a wonderfully artistic French braid; The sides have been pulled back to open this bone structure, while the braid is stacked up perfectly.

Purple updo


Looped faux hawk

This pinned up faux hawk has something seriously fun and funky. The long hair was pulled up into a long series of spiral loops that reached the middle of the crown. The pastel purple hue makes this upscale style look even more playful.

Vintage hairstyles


Messy braid

Part of the point of wearing a false hawk is to show the world how cool and carefree you are. This scruffy, swept faux hawk with a loose braid and a gold ombre is the bohemian up-do you've always dreamed of.

Chaotic bun


Unicorn curls

If you are lucky enough to rock tight spiral curls like this, you will love this hairstyle. A combed faux hawk like this allows curly girls to wear their hair big and bouncy with pride, while still enjoying a sleek and manageable style.

Curly hair


Pink ombre

Dark brunette curls with tinted pink tips go wonderfully together. Create a fashionable faux hawk shape by braiding the sides and teasing the central stripe of pink hair.

Faux Hawk inspired hair look


Blue Black Braid

Afro-textured hair is perfect for shaping and reshaping. Keep the sides of your hair shaved and build a tall, shiny fishtail braid on top of your head – like this one – to make sure all eyes are on you. The blue-black shade makes the hair look even more shiny.

Highlighted braided hair


Chunky Braid

These long locks have been elaborately processed into an artificial falcon braid that is suitable for a fairytale princess. The fiery Celtic red shade makes this hairstyle look even more breathtaking.

Faux Hawk like Fishtail Braid


Unicorn braid

It's easy to see how the unicorn braid earned its name. Replace your center parting with a braid and you get a beautiful crown-like effect.

Braid for long hair


Asymmetric pixie

We already mentioned how well the faux hawk style works for pixie crops. This choppy brown elf looks absolutely unique thanks to the uneven length, especially the long strands around the face.

Cool short hair for women


Bride Faux Hawk

Are you looking for a glamorous outfit for a formal occasion – even for your own wedding? This beautifully braided style with a floral accessory shows that faux hawks can be worn to almost any event.

Pretty updo


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