Generic Rubber Finger Gloves cot caps Glove Fingers Set of 12 .

Finger gloves

Finger gloves are gloves that cover the entire hand from the wrist to the individual fingers. The entire glove with the individual finger chambers is often used to warm the fingers and thumbs that are very sensitive to cold.

Classification of the finger gloves category

A finger glove is a glove that you can put your whole hand in and each individual finger has its own chamber. In other words, a glove with five fingers.

Application areas and types

Finger gloves are used in many ways, not just for


You need them in everyday life to pursue a variety of activities. So you need roughly

  • Gardening gloves for gardening,

to avoid injuries to the hands. In addition there is

  • special butcher gloves and
  • Cut-resistant gloves.

They are also used as protective gloves in medicine.

Use in sports

Gloves are also often used in hobby and sports, such as the



The materials from which they are made are as varied as the requirements placed on gloves. For example, they can do this

  • leather
  • rubber
  • Synthetic fiber
  • hide

or many other substances.

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