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Finger jewelery

The finger jewelry was par excellence, is and remains the ring. It is loved and worn by both women and men and makes every hand an eye-catcher. Nowadays there are rings made of all imaginable materials that have long since gone beyond stainless steel, silver and gold. Young people in particular follow the latest trends and wear rings, for example made of glass or leather.

Classification of the category finger jewelry

Fingers are all types of rings worn on the fingers of both hands.

From thumb to little finger

In principle, rings on each finger as well as on the thumb, especially the wearing of a ring on the so-called ring finger, are most common, including, for example, the wedding ring, which is a very special variant of finger jewelry due to its special meaning.

Wide range of materials and designs

Nowadays, rings are available in any number of different variants that differ in size, color, design and material. So there are of course the classic rings

as well as from

that is also designed simply

can be decorated. These are usually available in different widths and ring sizes for women and men. In addition to these rings, which have been very popular for decades, are true jewelery classics and will probably never go out of style, but also completely, for example

  • modern rings made of glass or leather

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