20 Great 5 Strand Braid Hairstyles Worth Mastering | Medium hair .

Five Strand Braids

Are you tired of the triple weave? Then update your standard braids. You can actually cool your long hair with five braids. Yes. Five-strand braids can give you a more stylish look.

Today we have put together some five strand braid tutorials for you to learn the hairstyle. At the beginning you may find that the five version is difficult to use. After practicing the following tutorials frequently, you will become familiar with the braid. Actually, it is not sophisticated for every girl to style her hair as long as she puts her heart on it.

Trust us! After reviewing the post, you will fall in love with the five-strand braid and always want to have this hairstyle. Have fun in the mail and learn some useful hair tricks.

Braided hair

Braided hair

Braided hair over

Perfect five-strand braid

Perfect five-strand braid over

Pretty five-strand braid

Pretty Five Strand Braid over

Elegant braid

Elegant braid

Stylish braid

Stylish braid over

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