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Flamenco Pumps

What are flamenco pumps?

Flamenco pumps have the following properties: Definition: Flamenco pumps are often simple too Flamenco shoes called. The most common name for this type of shoe is Peep toe, This is not entirely true, however, as peep toes is the parent category. Flamenco pumps belong to the shoe types peep-toes and clasp shoes – but not to the category of pumps, as pumps and slippers must be closed on the sides.

  1. a paragraph
  2. an open toe area (characteristic of peep toes)
  3. an ankle strap
  4. a wide section

What is the difference to peeptoes?

With the addition Peep toe are called shoes that have a section in the toe area. There are also peep toes without ankle straps or flat heels. Peeptoes is the category of flamenco shoes.

The guide to flamenco pumps

Why can you combine flamenco pumps?

Because of their elegant shape, they are ideal for Evening dress combine. But you are not only right with this type of shoe at a party or concert: a simple outfit can be in everyday life Jeans and shirt Upgrade with flamenco pumps. In combination with a beautiful necklace and a matching belt, an elegant look is created in no time at all. If you paint the toenails in a color that contrasts with the color of the shoes, you can easily set accents.

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