60 Fun and Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Women of All Ag

Flattering Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Are you looking for a completely new way to style your long hair? This post was written especially for you. You will see a lot of broken waves and broken layers for the latest hair trends. The long hairstyle no longer has to look boring with the help of facial frames. The choices are very different and you can easily find one that flatters your face. Today, let's take a look at 26 flattering hairstyles for medium to long hair and find your best new look here!

Braided half up hairstyle

Braided half up hairstyle

Braided Half Up Hairstyle Over

Braids of all kinds can be a great compliment to any hairstyle. This is created along one side of the head and makes a very nice profile.

Braided ponytail for school hairstyle ideas

Braided ponytail for school hairstyle ideas about

Ponytails are the most commonly seen hairstyles in our daily life. You can give them some transformations and let them work far beyond.

Long wavy bob haircut

Long wavy bob haircut over

This long wavy bob haircut creates a uniformed and polished look that differs from a tousled, messy style. The lighter ends could distinguish it from others.

DIY flower braid hairstyle tutorial

DIY Flower Braid hairstyle tutorial about

Do you want to give your long hair a nice look? This DIY ponytail hairstyle with low ponytail is perfect for you to kill some time at home.

French fishtail braid ponytail hairstyle

French fishtail braid ponytail hairstyle over

You will never miss the stunning French fishtail braid for your hairstyle. It looks so good when applied in a messy ponytail.

Long gray ombre hairstyle

Long gray ombre hairstyle over

We have many different ways to wear the trendiest silver-gray hair this season. It looks totally stunning, whether on straight, straight hair or with soft waves.

Long haircut for ombre hair

Long haircut for ombre hair via

Layered haircut is always a great option to deal with long hair that shows tons of natural textures and movement with the blonde accents.

Long layered hairstyle for straight hair

Long layered hairstyle for straight hair over

The great advantage of layered haircuts is that they can adapt to any face shape. Their versatile styles allow you to keep up with every possible trend.

Long purple ombre hair

Long purple ombre hair over

It's great to have a dark purple hair color for your long hair this year. With a perfect layer cut, each of us can be breathless.

Long straight hairstyle for ombre hair

Long straight hairstyle for ombre hair via

Layers are important to transform your dull long straight hair for a fabulous and trendy look this season. Many celebrities have already adjusted to this trend.

Segmented ponytail for everyday hairstyles

Segmented ponytail for everyday hairstyles above

This is a really cute ponytail hairstyle for girls. It is ideal to take part in a sporting activity or party when you are pimped up.

Twisted crown hairstyle tutorial

Twisted crown hairstyle tutorial about

The twisted crown can form a perfect frame for the head and is much easier to make than a braided one. Add a pretty hair accessory if necessary.

Long wavy brown hairstyle

Long wavy brown hairstyle over

The long brown hair would never go dark with some caramel highlights. They are placed around the face in a well-designed shape.

Long wavy hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyle over

The current trends for long hair revolve around choppy layers and waves of all kinds, including romantic beach waves, glamorous mermaids and old Hollywood waves.

Long wavy hairstyle for ombre hair

Long wavy hairstyle for ombre hair via

A touch of light blonde highlights really makes this long, wavy hairstyle stand out from the crowd. It looks like a cascade of brown water in the background.

Long wavy undercut hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyle with undercut via

It is absolutely creative if your long hair is undercut on one side while there are still loose, long waves over your shoulder on the other side.

Long wavy ombre hairstyle

Long wavy ombre hairstyle over

One with deep, rich Old Hollywood waves like this hairstyle would definitely be in the spotlight.

Middle layer wavy hairstyle

Medium layered wavy hairstyle over

The main trend for medium length hair should be the angular, broken waves. The choppy layers with feathered tips sit beautifully over the shoulders.

Side, low ponytail

Side, low ponytail

The low ponytail is always a good choice for women who want to create a chic and elegant style. Make the front layers on the sides to get an oval shape for your face.

Medium wave hairstyle for ombre hair

Medium wave hairstyle for ombre hair via

The latest color techniques offer us a whole new range of trendy hairstyles for women. And they will look extremely fantastic on medium length hair.

Braid ponytail for wedding hairstyles

Braid ponytail over for wedding hairstyles

This messy ponytail features a fabulous, loose braid on the side that adds a lot of glamor to the overall style.

Chaotic ponytail hairstyle with braids

Messy ponytail hairstyle with braids over

To give your ponytail a stunning look, you can pull braided bangs over your head and tease your hair around the crown for more volume and height.

Pink purple hair color idea

Pink purple hair color idea about

The current trends for long hair this year revolve around shaggy layers and ragged tips. In combination with a light hair color, they are ideal for creating a contemporary urban chic.

Side braid ponytail hairstyle

Side braid ponytail hairstyle over

The huge ponytail with the silky braid is ideal to create your everyday hairstyle. Pull out a few short strands for a casual and natural finish.

Very long silver ombre hairstyle

Very long silver ombre hairstyle over

The side, tiny braid helps to better control this very long wavy hairstyle. The trendy silver blonde hair color looks untrachic with the darker roots.

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