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Fleece jackets

A fleece jacket made of soft and cozy fleece is perfect for the cold season. Mostly collared fleece jackets usually have a zipper for easy on and off.

Classification of the fleece jackets category

In summer and winter, they complete all kinds of outfits: fleece jackets. Especially for teenagers and young men and women, they are considered modern, as fleece jackets can be easily combined with other items of clothing.

possible combinations

They fit equally well

A fleece jacket can also

  • without another shell or
  • over a top, shirt or sweater

Styles and material properties

Fleece jackets can vary depending on the color and shape

  • conspicuous or discreet
  • sporty or elegant
  • casual or stylish

Action. The popular jackets are made of a synthetic material such as polyester. The term “fleece” comes from English and means “Velcro fastener”.

This property is responsible for the great attractiveness of the jackets: The fluffy fabric feels comfortable and is easy to care for. In addition, it can keep the body warm and is therefore ideal for outdoor jackets.

But also indoors, the fleece jacket has taken a permanent place in the wardrobe of young and old. Most of the fleece jacket is zipped, but you can rarely close it with buttons or cords. Almost all models have side pockets and a hood.

Fleece jackets are generally worn by fashion retailers and mail order companies for men or women as many models are inexpensive and therefore ideal as a garment for the general public.

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