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Flip Flops

Flip flops are a modern style of flip flops or beach sandals that are popular with both women and men. The often colorful flip-flops with the famous thong are worn as normal leisure sandals in summer or on vacation.

Classification of the Flip Flops category

The term “flip-flops” is actually the name given to a certain shoe manufacturer for its plastic toe-toe shoes. However, this term has now established itself as the name for all shoes that are built on a similar principle. Similar to the term “tempo” for paper handkerchiefs, the term “flip flop” was used in everyday language.

Material and dangers

Most flip flops are made of plastic. Since this raw material is very hard, it must be treated with plasticizers. This makes the shoes soft and pliable, but these softeners are not without controversy if they are suspected to be responsible for cancer and infertility.

The wearer’s sweat can cause the plasticizers to loosen from the plastic and enter the body through the skin. Flip flops are also questionable footwear from an orthopedic point of view. They do not offer any support for the foot and can therefore lead to serious injuries in everyday life, for example if the wearer trips or has to run quickly.

And the plastic material is also tricky for the foot, because the low breathability promotes the development of athlete’s foot.

Avoid health problems

Therefore, flip-flops should be viewed more as a fashion accessory. To avoid serious damage to the health of the feet, they should never be worn as sole footwear for longer. Since the joints with little cushioning, such as the knees and hips, can be seriously damaged, the daily wearing time should not exceed two hours.

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