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Flower DIY Ideas

Hey girl! Do you enjoy the beautiful day? I love spring very much because there are so many beautiful flowers. What about you? Do you find her adorable and romantic? I think they play a big role in our lives. For today, I've put together a great collection of 22 floral DIY ideas to try this spring to inspire and spark your creativity. Scroll down this post to check everyone!

It is perfect to decorate your room with floral objects. You can add colors and a spring accent to your home. Plus, these DIY paper flowers are so easy to create and perfect to kill the time when you're free at home. If you want to host a party or wedding, just make a gorgeous flower wall as a photo booth and you and your guests will take great snapshots.

Coffee filter peonies

Coffee filter peonies

Coffee filter peonies / popsugar


Clothespins over

Flower chandelier

Flower chandelier over

Decoupage eggs

Decoupage eggs over

flowers antlers

Flower antlers over

Paper calla lilies

Paper calla lilies over

Flowers Wall lamps

Flower wall lights over

Giant flowers

Giant flowers over

Installation of the flower wall

Flower wall installation about

balloon bouquet

Balloon bouquet over

Flower card

Flower card over

Colorful paper flowers

Colorful paper flowers over

Crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper flowers over

flowers words

Flower words about

Flower logo

Flower sign about

Magazine flower

Magazine flowers about

flowers letters

Flower letters about

Flower wall

Flower wall over

paper ostrich

Bouquet of papers over


Flower crown over

Tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper flowers over

More (flower DIYs) can be found on lilostyle.com

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