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Football Shoes

Football Shoes

Football boots are worn by football players to ensure a stable and secure hold on the football field. They are usually divided into cam shoes, multi-cam shoes or rivet shoes, which can be equipped with screw-in rivets.

Classification of the football boots category

The soccer shoe is the most important device for a kicker. A lot depends on the choice of the right football boots: the speed at the start and a good feel for the ball.

Requirements for a good football boot

Enthusiastic football players, whether Bundesliga players or junior kicker in the county class, need special shoes that are optimally adapted to the different surfaces on which they play. In general, one differentiates between different soles:

  • AG – artificial turf (for artificial turf)
  • FG – Firm Ground (for natural grass and ash)
  • HG – hard floor (for ash and artificial turf)
  • IN – inside (for interior floors)
  • SG – Soft soil (for natural grass & deep, moist, muddy soils) and
  • TF – lawn (for hard floors).

If you play on natural grass, you will need shoes with thick and deep studs. They hold the deep and slippery lawn in the rain. However, parents who want to buy the right football boots for their offspring should do without bolts.

More and more soccer fields, especially in the junior area, are equipped with the easy-care artificial turf. For this rather dull and hard rubber there are special shoes with shorter and thinner pimples. They give the foot the right support on the artificial turf – and protect against injuries.

The third football shoe variant is the pure indoor shoe. You can step on the artificial turf shoes in the hall, but real shoes for indoor soccer have better grip and are also an advantage for quick pressure movements in the smallest of spaces.

The shoe must fit, it must neither slide nor have too much “air”. The right soccer shoe is a feel-good shoe. Pedaling is great fun with him. In contrast, shape and color should not play a dominant role as selection criteria. The first soccer shoe of his life should be kept for good luck.

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