30 Latest Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair 2019 (With images .

French Braid Ponytails 

The ponytail is a classic style that every girl has rocked at least once in her life. This easygoing approach is simple and flattering – the ideal choice for girls of all hair lengths, textures and personal preferences. The only downside, however, is that the popularity of the ponytail means girls run the risk of feeling bored with this look.

Wondering how to breathe new life into a good, old-fashioned ponytail? It's easy. Add a French braid! Elaborate or even loose braids can give this ancient hairstyle a beautiful detail. There are so many variations and so many different ones French braid ponytail ideasthat you are sure to find the ideal style for you. Here are 19 of the nicest ways to wear this beautiful look.

Braided ponytail

French braids You don't have to be styled around the crown or top of your hair to look amazing. Hold the braid right into the ponytail to take a standard hairstyle and make something seriously visual out of it.

Blond braided hair


Flyaway braids for girls

This super detailed ponytail may be impossible to style for the average person, but is surprisingly easy to achieve. It works by weaving a thin braid into a larger, slightly scruffy braid with loose outliers. The end result is a hairstyle that resembles adorable love hearts.


Reverse braid ponytail for girls

As if a French braided ponytail wasn't interesting enough, try flipping the look (literally) by braiding the hair on the bottom of your head as opposed to the top. This reverse braid is a unique interpretation of the trendy style that will look cool for any girl.


Ponytial ideas for girls: Twin Braids

If you can't decide exactly how you'd like to wear your French braid, try the left and right sides. This double braided style goes perfectly with a bouncy ponytail.


Super glam up-do

There's so much going on in this beautiful hairstyle that we just don't know where to start. A French braid that runs both horizontally and vertically, as well as big twists on the roots of the ponytail and perfect curls for princesses ensure that this blonde hair looks positively royal.


Ponytial Ideas: Never Ending Braid

The way this braid twists and turns from the tip of the hair and spirals to the ponytail is striking and beautiful. Give it a try if you feel like looking like a character from a fairy tale.


Two-tone long braid for teenagers

Multi-colored hair always looks incredible when combined with a complicated hairstyle like this long braid. The caramel and brown colors of this girl go perfectly together and the French braid gives the hair an additional dimension.


Sculpted braids

The perfectly shaped French braids in this ponytail almost look like works of art. The thick braid that winds over the top of the hair and the reverse braid on the bottom fit together perfectly. The bright platinum blonde completes the look perfectly and has made us incredibly jealous.


Thick french braid ponytail

This hippie chick hairstyle has something very seventies. Long flowing side ponytails always look beautifully Bohemian, but adding a super thick French braid in a casual, slightly unkempt style makes it look even better.


Side up-do ponytail for women over 40

The side-swept hair is a flattering way to show off your perfectly curled locks while opening up your gorgeous facial features. This elaborate side braid and the perfectly wavy ponytail are ideal for a glamorous evening.


Tight braided ponytail for sports

A wild high ponytail, complete with a great and cornrows, is only for girls who really want to make a statement. Be warned that this isn't a relaxed look. Instead, you need an experienced hairdresser and some free time, but it's worth it and you won't be disappointed with the end result.


Curly Braid – ponytail braid

Curly-haired girls can rock a braided bangs like no other. The balayage Blonde and brown curls and the bohemian braid add texture and character to this stunning style.


French braid P.Onytail hairstyles – Greek goddess

These classic golden curls braided into a sleek, neat braid almost look like the hairstyle that Aphrodite would wear herself. If you want to add a bit more complexity bouncy ponytail, this is the look for you.


Double braids

It doesn't get any nicer than this detailed hairstyle. Two French braids side by side create a crown-like effect that bursts this wavy ponytail.


Triple braids

They say good things come in threes, and that definitely applies to the super tight cornrow-style braids in this sleek ponytail. You need a little more time to turn three sections of hair into small, individual braids like this. However, we are sure that you think the results are worth the effort.


Strawberry ombre

It's hard to say what we love most about this great look. The huge French network on the crown that is gradually becoming one curly ponytail and the subtle touches of Rose Pink Ombre Almost too good to be true. More ombre hairstyles can be found here.


French braided bob

Don't be fooled that only girls with long, flowing curls can pull off the perfectly braided ponytail. A short, chic bob like this can look just as beautiful when worn with feminine, twisted braids.


Alice in Wonderland Arch

A braided ponytail is as feminine and pretty as it gets. You may think that such a style is impossible to become even more girly or beautiful, but adding a beautiful ribbon tied in a bow like this takes it to a whole new level.


Multiple braids

This beautiful style takes a lot of time and effort. It seems impossible to keep an eye on the many different braids at the same time. Find a talented hairdresser who can give you this look and you will turn your head everywhere.


And here are some great ones braided ponytail tutorials Check this out here.

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