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Fruit Nail Designs

It's getting hotter. Summer clothes are pulled out and put on to create a fresh look. T-shirts, shorts and tank tops are a must for the season. Then what do you think about your summer manicure for the look? How about summer fruit nail art? Fruit nail designs can give every girl a refreshing vibe when they style a summer look.

Today we're going to show you some amazing fruit nail designs. Nail art is inspired by the delicate fruits of summer. They are bright in colors and lively in shapes. They will be watermelon nail art, strawberry nail art, or cherry nail art. The refreshing look of the nail designs suits every outfit and every occasion. Whether you're wearing shorts or dresses, you can make fruit nail art to combine them.

Check the designs immediately and paint your favorite fruit on your nails with your imagination. Have fun with the mail and have your own fruit nail designs for the season.

Green and yellow nail art

Green and yellow nail art via

Red and green nail art via

3D watermelon nail art over

Watermelon nail art via

Cherry nail art about

Colorful fruit nail art about

Kiwi Fruit Nail Art over

Orange nail art over

Strawberry nail art about

Fruit nails over

Pretty watermelon nail art about

3D orange nail art about

Red nail art over

Apple nail art about

Stylish nail art via

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