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Fun Twisted Hairstyles for Natural Hair –
  African American Hair Ideas

Fun Twisted Hairstyles for Natural Hair – African American Hair Ideas

It is known that no hair texture is as adaptable to as many different styles as Afro hair, For thousands of years, black women have been making the most of their natural curls by designing creative and stunning styles that have become an integral part of different cultures over the generations. Twisted braids (also known as rope braids or Senegalese braids) are some of the best examples of this. This hairstyle is an excellent option for black women as it works wonders to protect your hair by keeping it in excellent condition and helping it grow.

Not only that, phrases also look undeniably beautiful in all types of girls and, above all, they are great fun! If you feel like playing around with a fresh new look, then why not opt ​​for this always fashionable hairstyle and get yourself twisted today?

Micro twist ponytail

If your twists are so fine and intricate, they can be styled into just about any hairstyle and worn either up or down. From a distance, micro twists look like tight curls, which is why they look so good when tinted with an earthy ocher hue and curled at the ends.

High kinky twists


Short and thick

You can rock a chic style like this bob while still wearing your hair in twist braids. These chunky twists look incredible when worn short and rolled up at the ends, and the bright golden highlights are amazingly complementary.

Curly twists


Twisted ombre hairstyle for medium length hair

Brighten up your tightly twisted turns by sprinkling some color all over your hair. The stunning blonde shade at the ends of these twists looks wonderful against the shiny black background.

Two-tone kinky locks


Side ponytail for African American women

Would you like to open your facial features and at the same time flaunt your long, springy twists? This pulled up ponytail is the perfect way to do just that. It is incredibly quick and easy to use and can be worn every day.

Dirty ponytail


Chunky ombre twisted hairstyle for short hair

This is a great example of how beautiful ombre colors can look on thick, chunky twists. Black and caramel brown go wonderfully together and this short length is chic and totally flattering.

Highlighted tangled phrases


Twisted black hairstyle for black women

These spiral twists are as curly as you can get – and we love it. Show your fun personality by curling and pinning parts of your twisted hair to create structure and texture.

Kinky bangs


Twisted super high ponytail for African American women

This twisted ponytail was stacked upside down so that the bone structure of every girl looks absolutely good. As if this nasty up-do alone wasn't cool enough, we love the silver accessories at the ends.

High nasty ponytail


Twisted Subtle Ombre hairstyle for women with thick hair

The way this model swept her hair aside shows exactly how thick and deep these twisted braids are. Subtle touches of honey blonde ombre throughout the hair really emphasize this texture and perfectly illuminate the look.

Blonde kinky hair


Twisted suicide roll hairstyle for natural hair

If you imagined that your chunky twists couldn't be put together into an elaborate up-do, think again. The way these braids were made into a vintage suicide reel on the front is classically beautiful.

Black twists


Twisted pixie haircut for black women

One of our favorite things about twists is that they can be worn as long or as short as you want. This super short, conservative crop is a great way to show off your big eyes and beautiful features.

Side-part tangled locks


Senegalese twists

Tie your Senegalese caramel and black ombre twists together in a pile on your head to restore this look. This creative hairstyle is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. It gives the world size and structure and lets the world see how cool you are.

Stylish updo with nasty locks


Red Twisted Bun Updo for African Americans

The bright red hue of these thin twists fits perfectly with the strong brown skin tone of the model. As you can see from this stylish bun on the front of the hair, these twists can be shaped into any stylish up-do you like.

Red twists


Loose twists

This cool style has something very hippie chic. You too can shine your beautiful Bohemian side by opting for slightly highlighted twists that are worn in a loose, layered look.

Brown kinky hair


Baby Braids – twisted dark to blonde ombre hairstyle for short hair

You would have to search quite far to find a hairstyle that is as cute as these little twists. The contrast between honey blonde and jet black roots looks amazing with such a short style. This is especially perfect for any girl who wants easy-to-use hair with no problems.

Short twisted turns


Regal Twists – chic twisted hairstyle for natural hair

With this style you can embrace Queen Cleopatra's style yourself. The addition of a gold Art Deco headpiece makes these funky twists look no less than magical.

Kinky twists with a pretty hair band


Twisted bob

What is not to love about this hairstyle? The deep black twists have an easy-to-use length and size, are not entirely micro and not quite bulky. Wear them in a jaw-length bob like this with the front pushed back to expose your face, and you'll never have to worry about styling your locks again.

Sweet kinky twists


Cherry red bob

Everything about this hairstyle is pretty amazing. This cherry red tone looks beautiful next to the skin tone of the model and the length of the bob is short and chic. One of the best things about twists is that you can play around with different styles like these peppy side bangs.

Purple kinky twists


Kinky twists

Don't you just love how versatile Afro hair can be – especially when it's twisted into such tangled braids? Here are just four of the many different hairstyles, both top and bottom, that you can experiment with if you choose this timeless hairstyle.

Four ways to style your tangled twists


Curled rope twists

You may not think that you need to add more shape or volume to your beautiful twists than they already have. However, this perfectly ruffled look shows what difference a little time and styling can make to your appearance. This is ideal for formal and glamorous events.

Curly Bob


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