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Gold Jewelery

Pure gold alone is not suitable for making jewelry. It is fused with alloyed metals to make precious jewelry for women and men. The range of gold jewelry is huge, for example there are rings, chains, bracelets or piercing jewelry.

Classification of the gold jewelry category

Gold jewelry is available in different versions for both women and men. Although it has gone out of style in recent years and silver jewelry has become more trendy, gold jewelry is a timeless classic and is still very popular.

Composition and alloys

However, pure gold alone is not suitable for making gold jewelry. This always consists of metal alloys, which also consist of a certain part of gold as well as silver and copper. The higher the gold content in the alloy, the higher the quality of the jewelry. However, this percentage can vary depending on the manufacturer. In addition, a distinction is made between red, yellow, green, white and gray gold alloys.

While rose gold refers to a gold alloy that has a high copper content and therefore looks coppery in terms of hue, yellow gold, for example, is a yellowish alloy that looks a lot like fine gold and is therefore the most popular gold color worldwide.

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