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Gold Nails for You to Shine

It's brave to wear the gold nail polish, but it's a bit of an understatement to combine the gold with other elements like sand, sequins, and different colors. Gold goes well with many colors, so all nail tricks can be added.

If you have never tried the gold nails, you will have them immediately.? Here we pick up 15 gold nails for you. Get inspired!

gold sand
The glittering sand gives the nails a shiny atmosphere.

gold sand

Gold sand over

gold embossing
The gold embossing is stylish and beautiful on the nails.

Gold stamp over

gold images
The golden pictures are so cute and shiny. The polish consists of several layers. So when it comes to you, you will spend time placing the sweet things.

Gold pictures about

Sparkling stars
Gold goes well with black and the sparkling stars look bright.

Sparkling stars over

Stylish nails
The basic color is black, while the colors are leopards, which are in gold and light black.

Stylish nails over

gold belts
The gold straps are added to the red nails for a more beautiful look.

Gold ribbons over

gold marble
It is a golden marble polish. The color reminds us of the packaging of the sweets.

Gold marble over

Leopard nails
The leopard nails are stylish with sand and glitter.

Leopard nails over

Golden colors
The varnish goes well with a long black evening dress.

Golden colors over

Golden sequins
It's amazing that you complete the blue nails with gold sequins.

Golden sequins over

Golden and red
Dark red and gold can also be a pair.

Golden and red over

Golden and gray
The gray nails are so cool with golden accessories.

Golden and gray over

Black dots
The dots can always make the nicer nails, especially for the golden nails.

Black dots over

Sparkling gold
If you don't like a painting, you can choose the sparkling gold nails.

Sparkling gold over

Golden and black
The paint looks a bit vintage.

Golden and black over

The golden crack polish gives life to the nails.

Cracks over

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