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Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Special golf shoes with spikes made of metal, rubber or plastic ensure a safe position on the golf course. When choosing shoes, the golfer should ensure a foot-friendly fit and sufficient freedom of movement for the toes.

Classification of the golf shoes category

Golf shoes are shoes that are worn while playing golf. Mostly they are made of leather or synthetic leather.

Recently, the manufacturers have brought special, very modern cutaway models onto the market. They are particularly notable for their sportier appearance and have become a trend as more and more young people play golf. Apart from the design, there are no major differences to conventional models.

Requirements for a good golf shoe

The shoes for golf should

must wear the shoe comfortably. The shoe must too

take part in the turning movements during the strike. He must

  • Provide a secure footing for the foot and should
  • be non-slip.

This is especially important as the green can naturally be wet. Even during a game several kilometers of foot over partially uneven terrain covered. Wet feet would not be good for this, which is why it is important that the shoes

are. Of course you sweat while playing golf and should therefore pay attention to your shoes

is. Make sure you stand securely

  • Spikes, small metal spikes on the sole.

There are models with permanently implanted spikes or models with screw spikes that can be replaced. The right selection of shoes is very important when playing golf in order to be comfortable on the green and to have a good game.

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