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Gorgeous Blue Nails Art

Blue gives us a peaceful and cool atmosphere. Have you ever had the blue nail polish for your nails? Here we pick up 17 top blue nails art for you. You can find a simple blue nail polish, a geometric nail polish or an electric blue nail polish. We are sure that you can wear the blue polish just as nicely as other nail polishes. If you want an edgy look for nails, choose one of the blue nails now.

The post will not disappoint you. Have fun and be inspired!

sapphire nails

Although sapphire nail polish contains no other colors, it is simple but beautiful.

sapphire nails

Sapphire nails over

Electric blue geometric nails
The polish consists of deep blue, light blue and light violet. The colors form a stylish geometric shape.

Electric blue geometric nails over

triangle nails
The light blue triangular nails give a fresh atmosphere.

Triangle nails over

Navy nails
The silver nails are added to the dark blue lacquer to emphasize the beautiful look.

Navy Nails over

blue and red
The glitter shines on the blue nails and the heart shape is funny on the strappy nail polish.

Blue and red over

Blue roses
The blue roses are fresh and beautiful.

Blue roses over

Blue and yellow

You can have this varnish if you wear a blue vest because the blue nails go well with blue clothing.

Blue and yellow over

Blue and white nail art
The light blue and deep blue form the basic color. White straps, black straps and white dots are randomly applied to the nails to create a harmonious feeling.

Blue and white nail art over

Blue tartan nails
The polish needs enough patience because it requires multiple layers and different paintings.

Blue tartan nails over

Blue nail art
Four colors create a strappy look.

Blue nail art over

Cool nails
The combination of light blue and silver is creative.

Cool nails over

Light blue and black
The black pictures on the light blue nails are stylish and fun.

Light blue and black over

White heart shape
The white heart shape chain on the deep blue nails gives an artistic look.

White heart shape over

Fine china nails
Do you think the nails are blue and white porcelain? They are both pretty and classic.

Fine china nails over

Blue strappy nails
The blue straps make an ombre nail look like.

Blue strappy nails over

The peacock polish goes well with simple blue nails.

Peacock nails over

Stamp nails

The light blue circles are stamped on the deep blue nails. The polish gives a mysterious but stylish look.

Stamp nails over

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