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Great DIY Heels Ideas You Must Try

Would you like to have a trendy piece for your wardrobe without spending a fortune? A good idea is that you can do it yourself, which is the best way to kill your free time. Now it's time to improve our DIY skills and techniques with our shoes and give them a fabulous look. For today, I made a post called 12 great DIY heels ideas that you have to try below. Try them out and choose the one you would most like to follow!

Fringes and tassels were two of the most popular looks last year. I think it doesn't hurt if you wear them on your shoes this season. You will need a few ropes to attach to your heels. When it comes to fringes, you can glue them in place. You can also find other interesting DIY ideas like black toes, glitter heels and lace trimmings to give your shoes a whole new look.

DIY tassel heels

DIY tassel heels

DIY tassel heels over

DIY black toe pumps

DIY Black Toe Pumps over

Interesting DIY heels idea

Interesting DIY heels idea about

DIY fringed heels

DIY fringed heels over

DIY laced pumps idea

DIY laced pumps idea about

Simple and simple DIY heels idea

Simple and simple DIY heels idea about

DIY embellished pumps idea

DIY embellished pumps idea about

DIY Glitter Toe Heels

DIY Glitter Toe Heels Over

DIY beaded heels idea

DIY beaded heels idea about

DIY red sequin heels

DIY Red Sequined Heels over

DIY sequined heels idea

DIY sequined heels idea about

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