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Great Hair Color Ideas

Great Hair Color Ideas

The easiest way to give your hair a different color is to spice it up. It will be a perfect time to experiment with this trick in the new season. No matter whether you have long or short hair, straight or wavy hair, a light color gives your hair a special and chic look. Follow us with these awesome colored hairstyles below!

diving Colored

Dip Dyed / Getty Images

The beautiful pastel color can also bring a different look for a simple ponytail. Lauren Conrad dyed her hair tips with a pretty pastel pink shade that made her perceivable from the side.

Color on color

Color on color / Getty Images

There is a wonderful way to have two different colors on your hair at the same time – color on color. Kelly Osbourne looks so great in this pink-on-purple hair that you can experiment with other two colors instead.

Soft highlights

Soft highlights / Getty Images

Since the shimmering gold tone is so popular this year, we can also wear it on our heads. If you still have no idea of ​​this, check out Sienna Miller's beautiful rose gold colored hair for reference.


Ombre / Getty Images

If you're a girl with long straight hair, color magic can give you a different style for the new season. Kylie Jenner used subtle blonde ombre to create a more flattering hair look that matches her fresh face.


Two-tone / Getty Images

Katy Perry has always successfully impressed us with her bold styles and looks. This time, she wore a shimmering metallic green hairstyle with black roots for her look.

Color everywhere

Color / Getty Images everywhere

Nicole Richie looks so stunning with this purple-colored curly bob. She added a deep side part to make this whole colored hairstyle look more stylish and chic.
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