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Great Highlighted Hairstyles

Great Highlighted Hairstyles

Different hair colors are always the best way to spice up our hair look in a new season. They can give you a completely different style and look instantly without reducing your hair length. In addition, the colorful hairstyles can also help make a bold statement for these young teen girls. Follow our great hairstyle ideas to get inspiration for your next salon trip!


Ombre / Pinterest

The hottest ombre technique can give your hair a stunning look with color magic. You can apply it in a subtle way to get a natural style and look.

Natural hair color

Natural hair color / Pinterest

The bright pink color can give your hair an interesting look. And you can still keep your basic hair color while just applying it to the bottom half of your hair.

Mark in front

Highlight on the front / Pinterest

If you place the light highlights mainly in the front area, you get an impressive and breathtaking look for your final style.

Auburn hair

Auburn Hair / Pinterest

There is an easy way to give your auburn hair a different look, with some stylish bright red streaks all over the hair.

Caramel highlights

Caramel Highlights / Pinterest

For these girls with long, wavy hair, caramel highlights are always the best way to give your dark strands a sweet and pretty look.

Light blonde highlights

Light blonde highlights / Pinterest

Sometimes the lighter, shaded highlights can help improve the features for the wearer when placed on the front of the head.


Pastels / Pinterest

Because pastel colors are so popular in fashion trends, we can also wear them on our heads. The sugary pastel shades are perfect for different hair colors, especially for light blonde.

Light blonde highlights

Light blonde highlights / Pinterest

To make your auburn hair look fabulous, you can add some stylish light blonde parts.

Hair Highlight Ideas

Hair highlight idea / Pinterest

It's easy to see that the lighter shades can give your medium-length, wavy hair a natural and textured look.

Red highlights

Red highlights / Pinterest

In addition to the usual blonde highlights, the girls with the brown hair can also opt for the hot red stripes. You can give your hair a warm, sun-kissed look.

Lighter highlights below

Lighter highlights below / Pinterest

Lighter highlights can give the straps an effortlessly cool look. You will find it interesting and entertaining if you place it at the ends of your hair length.

Bleach blonde hair

Bleach Blonde Hair / Pinterest

For girls with long wavy hair who want to try the pale blonde color, it's a great idea to start on the floor. And there will be a very fabulous look if it has a brown top.

Hair Highlight Ideas

Hair highlight idea / Pinterest

This look reminds us of the hottest ombre hair. You can ask your stylist to create this style in the salon.

Blond with a blond look

Blond on Blond Look / Pinterest

If you are a blonde girl, this hairstyle can be a perfect choice to give you a fabulous look for the new season. It's really amazing when different shades of blonde mix on your hair.

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge / Pinterest

The famous model Lily Aldridge wore her long, wavy, brown curls in a beautifully chic way with the light blonde reflexes in her hair. It reminded us of the shine of brown hair for all girls.
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