White and gold are the favorite colors for most girls, right? They .

Great Nail Art Designs of All Colors for Girls

We are always impressed by these bright colors. So it's not a bad idea to paint our nails with it. Maybe some girls would prefer the pretty pastel colors for their lovely sugary tones. Anyway, everyone gives your nails a great look for the new season. Today, let's take a look at 14 great nail art designs of all colors for girls with our photos below!

We have so many colors to choose from, from blue, green, pink and mint, purple, gray to white. The bright golden color is also a hot hit this year. We can see that it has appeared almost everywhere. To make your nails look more impressive and attractive, you can split up colorful glitter or pearls as the last layer for your manicure or use the magic ombre technique. They will definitely create the sensational effect for you on the street.

Blue decorated nails

Blue decorated nails over

Bright Pink Glitter Nails Over

Purple glitter nails over

Colorful glitter nails over

Green decorated nails over

Blue decorated nails over

Green decorated nails over

Gray glitter nails over

Decorated nails with leopard print over

Pastel pink glitter nail via

Pink decorated nails over

Purple decorated nails over

Silver decorated nails over

White decorated nails over

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