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Great Pumps for Platform Lovers

Pumps with platforms are becoming increasingly popular. A platform distinguishes a basic pump from other shoes. Most women like high heels because they make women more attractive. But most of the time they are uncomfortable because of the over-high heels. If you are not used to wearing a pair of high heel pumps and want to wear the seductive stilettos, you can satisfy the platform pumps.

The platform doesn't have too much relationship with the heel. It is the part that sits under the front of the foot. Some platforms are hidden, some are half hidden, others sit beautifully on the outside. In general, stiletto pumps with high platforms cause less pain than those without a pump and look so nervous. Perhaps that's why more and more women want to buy a pair of platform pumps.

Let's see what the talented designers tell us about the platform pumps.

Orange flatform shoes from Aperlaï

Orange flatform shoes from Aperlaï

This platform pump attracts attention with its bright color, which makes the pump nervous and flirting. The black wedge heel makes the pump perfect with a hint of stability. You can rock the street if you go out with such bright-chic pumps.

Christian Louboutin Resillissima Lace Illusion Platform Bootie

This Christian Louboutin Resillissima top illusion platform pump looks pretty fabulous with a sense of dignity. The Lace Mesh Vamp is a very interesting design that makes others think of the provocative fishnet stocking.

Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160 suede pumps with crystal decoration

Christian Louboutin Bianca sequin platform pump

These are really wonderful pumps. One of the pumps is decorated with crystals all around. The other is continuously set with sequins. These sparkling stiletto pumps are the absolute eye-catcher for every occasion and for every clothing.

Flatform shoes from Aperlaï

This isn't as shiny as the two we just mentioned, but they're still pretty trendy. The platform is hidden inside and there is a red strap with a metal buckle. The mixture of black and nude is seasoned with two wavy red streams that separate them smoothly. It is indeed a wonderful pump.

Saint Laurent T-Strap two-tone platform pump, fango

Here is another pump with a belt. This time, the belt was connected to the vamp by a piece of leather, giving the belt the shape "T". The platform is under the forefoot. The combination of black and dark gray leaves a professional yet fashionable impression.

Walter Steiger Chillie lace-up pump

I love this adorable pump. The ordinary tie connects the two sides offset, and then the pump looks extraordinary. How fantastic!

Nicholas Kirkwood ruffled suede pumps

Wow beautiful. The pump looks like a decent princess wearing her beautiful evening dress. The ruffled edge on the back is really pretty. These pumps are handmade and are among the most enviable models by Nicholas Kirkwood.

Charlotte Olympia She Wolf has embellished leather pumps

Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, the designer puts the image of a she-wolf on the pump. The wolf's head is in the front and its body and tails extend from front to back along the outside of the pump.

Charlotte Olympia Love Me pumps in leather and suede with heart application

This is really a pair of romantic pumps. The upper of these leather and suede pumps is full of creamy and blushing love hearts, all made by hand. How cute they are! You just feel like you're hugged by love when you put it on.

Platform pumps are comfortable to wear and improve your fashion to a new height. They are cheeky and romantic. We all love platforms.

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