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Hair Tutorials for Bobs

Bobs are popular all year round. No matter what time of year, the hairstyles can complete your look. It is versatile for girls to have bobs. However, a simple bob can sometimes not combine your outfit well. Today's post shows you how to style your simple bobs and create prettier hairstyles for your look.

In this post you will find some useful hair tutorials. They will show you step by step. It is easy for you to learn. From braided hair to pretty buns, you'll find tutorials where you can learn and improve your bobs. The hairstyles presented here can be done by both long and short bobs. If you want a new look for your bob, read the post immediately.

Braided crown for Bob

braided crown for bob over

braided crown for bob over

Easy twist

easy to turn over

Half up twist for long bob

Half-Up-Twist-For-Long-Bob via

Half for long bob

Half-Up-For-Long-Bob via

Slick-back bob

Slick-back bob over

Updo for short hair

Updo for short hair over

Twist for short hair

Shorthaired pointers turn over

Easy twist for bob

Simple-Twist-for-Bob about

Double braided bob

double braided bob via

Double braided bob

Short-bob-with-braided bangs over

Half knot

half knot over

Structured praise

textured-praise via

Braids for short hair

Braids for short hair over

Boho braided hair

Boho braided hair over


Updo over

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