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Hair Tutorials for Valentine’s Day

Did you keep enough chocolate for Valentine's Day? Have you already prepared? What are you going to do or buy for this sweet day? A card or a flower brunch? Don't forget to create a pretty look that day. What is important is your hairstyle for it. You actually benefit from a versatile hairstyle. Prettydesigns offers you some good hair tutorials. This time we have put together 15 tutorials for your hair.

Check out the post and you will find various tutorials to help with styling. No matter how long your hair is, you can find a tutorial to spice up the hair look.

We are introducing tutorials for short and long hair. Just stay with us and learn something useful for hair styling.

Half a bun

Half bun via

Messy bob

Messy bob over

Crown braid for short hair

Crown braid for short hair over

Twisted hair tutorial

Twisted hair tutorial about

Dutch braid

Dutch braid about

Braided bun for short hair

Braided bun for short hair over

Flat iron waves

Flat iron waves over

Updo hairstyle with short hair

Shorthair updo over

Half up half down for short hair

Half up half down for short hair via

Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail over


Ponytail over

Braided long hair

Braided long hair over

Mermaid braided hair

Mermaid braided hair over

Half heart bow

Half up heart loop over

No heat beach waves

No heat beach waves over

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