8 GORGEOUS long hair tutorials you should steal from Pintere

Hair Tutorials

What hairstyle do you want to style for a new week? If you have no idea yet, stay with us and check out these simple and cute hair ideas for the week. In this post there are 10 hair tutorials where you can get inspiration.

We have put together bun tutorials, ponytail tutorials and half tutorials to help you get a new look. For bread rolls you will find side rolls as well as back rolls in the post. You can just roll up your long curls and attach some hairpins to make a successful bun. It is easy for any girl to learn. For ponytails there are many cute ways to make them awesome. You can add braids or twists to a simple ponytail.

If you are interested in styling some simple and cute hairstyles, you will not miss the post. Search the post and choose what you want here.
French Braid Half up

French Braid Half up

French Braid Half up via

Quite half up half down

Pretty half up half down via

Segmented ponytail

Segmented ponytail over

Sweet ponytail

Sweet ponytail over

Side ponytail

Side ponytail ia

Simple bun

Simple bun over

Low bun

Low bun via

Stylish ponytail

Stylish ponytail over

Roll up hair

Roll up hair over

Braided half up

Braided half over

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