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Hairstyles to Make You Look Better

Hairstyles to Make You Look Better

Just like a perfect make-up, the hairstyle can also achieve a better look for your face shape. Are you a round girl looking for the right hairstyle to make your face look slimmer? There are many flattering hairstyles in this post that help lengthen your round face for a better effect. Most of them have short or long layers that fall around the face.

Wispy bangs

Wispy Bangs / Getty Images

Bangs are always able to make all types of hairstyles look more stylish. If your hairstyle is layered long, you can opt for the stylish blunt bangs and style them short in the middle and longer at the edges for a natural look.


Texture / Getty Images

Butt cuts can result in tons of movement and texture for the look of the hair. Demi Lovato's layered bob looks so fabulous with her fresh face and cute smile.

Asymmetric bob

Asymmetrical Bob / Getty images

As we all know, the classy inverted bob haircut can make our face look longer and thinner, especially if it's split in the middle and falls around your face.

Face-framing layers

Face Framing Layers / Getty Images

Layers can have a slight effect on the entire hair. If you are concerned that your face shape is not perfect, a shorter layered hairstyle should be an ideal option for you.

Soft waves

Soft waves / Getty Images

Compared to straight, straight hair and tight curls, these extra-large waves can make your face look slimmer and prettier. If you are so happy to be born with light blonde hair, you will finally get a super charming hair look.

Increased updo

Elevated Updo / Getty Images

A raised hairstyle can help lengthen your face length and make your jaw look more flattering.

Updo with face framing pieces

Updo with face frame / Getty Images

Shorter layers can give young teenage girls a strong, pretty chic sense, especially if you leave them loose on both sides of your face.

Long hair

Long hair / Getty Images

The beautiful long wavy hair is always a priority choice for all girls. Aside from its strong feminine sense, it can also lengthen your face shape at the same time.


Highlights / Getty Images

The lighter, shaded highlights in the front can frame your face shape for a better look. If you want to achieve this effect for your hair, remember to place the darker colors behind it.

side panel

Side part / Getty Images

An asymmetrical part will be able to create a contemporary and modern chic style for the wearer. It can also help soften your tough facial features for square-faced girls.
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