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Hairstyles with Ribbons

The colorful ribbons can not only be used for tying or decoration, but can also be tied in the hair. Hairstyles with ribbons can give girls a more feminine look. Swiss Post offers you 12 best band hairstyles to check out.

You can style a half up half down hair and tie it with a bare ribbon for an ultra-pretty look, while you can also make a high ponytail and hold it with a simple ribbon. No matter what hairstyles you want to style, you can try tying ribbons in it.

More ribbon hairstyles can be found in the post. We don't think you will miss it. Create a band hairstyle for your next event.

Halve with a black ribbon

Half with a black band over

Waterfall hair with a pink ribbon over it

Blond hair with a black band over

Blond hair with a red ribbon over

Braided bun with ribbons over

High ponytail with a black ribbon over it

Curl with a white ribbon

Breezy hair with a black band over it

Braided half with a pink ribbon over it

Braided bun with a blue ribbon over it

Wedding braid with a ribbon over

Curl with a dark blue band

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