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Half-sleeve shirts

Shirts or men’s shirts with short sleeves to the elbows are called half-sleeved shirts. They are ideal for summer temperatures and are available in stores in all possible colors and patterns.

Classification of the short sleeve shirt category

It is an essential part of the men’s wardrobe and is worn equally by men of all ages – the half-sleeved shirt. The name “shirt” is derived from the old high German “Hemedi”, which is best translated as “skin”. This was also the original purpose of the shirt: to cover the body as completely as possible – as close to the skin as possible.

Features and Sections

The most important characteristic of the shirt with half sleeves is – as the name suggests – the length of the sleeve. These usually end in the middle of the upper arm, but can also reach the elbow.

On some models, the straps can vary in length depending on your mood, as they can be rotated from the elbow upwards and then held in place with a fabric bottle and button. However, this sleeve version is reserved for casual shirts as it gives the outfit a very sporty look.

The total length lies between “large waist length” and “bottom covering” and thus fulfills all fashion preferences. It’s airy, but cut quite wide and – like all men’s shirts – is teased from left to right. You will often find patch pockets in the chest area. Common neckline solutions are the flap or the button-down collar.


The material used is in most cases a skin-friendly, wrinkle-free and easy-care cotton blend, but there are also half sleeves made of silk or linen.

In contrast to the casual and sporty T-shirt, the monochrome shirt is quite busy and – especially in the hot season – the ideal alternative to the long-sleeved shirt. The wearer always looks “properly dressed” without looking too sporty.

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