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Handball shoes

Handball shoes

Leather footwear with a firm, non-slip sole, specially made for handball players. The handball shoes are used in indoor handball and are made by almost all renowned sportswear manufacturers.

Classification of the handball shoes category

Handball shoes are shoes that are worn in handball and contain sportswear. Today they are mostly made of synthetic fibers and only rarely of leather.


Like all sports shoes, they are more stressed than normal everyday shoes. It is therefore particularly important that the materials are well made. A handball shoe should

  • completely enclose the foot,

to give it good support and stability. Many models have today

  • raised gums under the ankle,

This protects the joints and makes it difficult to fold down. This is important because the handball game often involves very rapid movements and rapid changes of direction, which put a lot of stress on the joints. Should also

because there can be moisture on the floor, for example through sweat. A slip at the wrong moment can lead to long injuries. In addition, must

  • the sole is padded from the inside,

to dampen the force acting on the foot. It is also important

  • a sensible locking system,

This does not leave too much space in the shoe for the foot and prevents injuries. You can choose between lace-up shoes and shoes with Velcro fasteners. If the shoe is breathable, the sweat can evaporate to the outside. The skin is protected and the shoe remains odorless longer.

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