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Havaianas – Women’s shoe

What are Havaianas?

Definition: Havaianas is actually a Brazilian manufacturer of Flip flopsBecause of the popularity of this brand, the term is used Havaianas now synonymous with the term by many shoe wearers Flip flops (also an original brand name, by the way). Neutral names for this type of shoes are the words Flip flops or Toe holder sandal,

Colloquially, Havaianas are also often simple Slippers or Flip flops called. The latter two terms can also refer to slippers without a thong. Havaianas belong to the group of thong sandals and are characterized by the following features:

  • They have no heel and the height of their sole is the same everywhere.
  • They are made entirely of plastic.
  • Their most characteristic features: a tanga and a Laterally inclined strap.

History of Havaianas

Original sandals with toe heels come from platform shoes. When platform shoes went out of fashion in 1954, Havaianas found use on the beaches of the world as platform shoes with low platform heels. This should prevent your feet from sinking too deeply into the sand. Currently, toe sandals are also worn across the beach.

The guide for Havaianas

Are there special Havaianas for women?

It is correct to ask whether there are special sandals with toe heels for women. Havaianas for women are called Flip flops intended. These types of shoes often have feminine details such as ornaments or a small heel.

What is the difference between Havaianas and flip-flops?

Often, Havaianas are also based on the term Beach sandals It should be noted that there are also beach sandals without a thong or T-bar. Havaianas are unisex shoes as they are available in both women’s and men’s models.

What clothes can you combine with Havaianas?

These shoes are best for you Shorts and skirts. Havaianas are not suitable as footwear for finer summer parties – in this case at best on dianettes with heels or best of all on the same sandals! Havaianas will be happy Jeans or to Shorts or skirts combined and are very practical to use. At the same time, because of their material, they are extremely cheap. If you like things a little more noble, you will also find toe seekers whose toe bridges are decorated with pearls or other jewelry.

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