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Headbands, like headscarves, are worn on the one hand for purely fashionable reasons and on the other hand as protection from the cold, especially from cold ears. In cold weather, soft fleece headbands are a popular protection against the cold.

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Headband models

A headband is a round band that is worn tightly around the head. It runs over the forehead over the ears and covers them completely, partially or not at all. A headband is worn either.


For example, there are headbands that have a flashlight attached to them; This is called a headlight. This special lamp has the advantage that it does not have to be held in the hand and is therefore often used in surgery and in the doctor’s office.

A camera can be attached to the headband using the same principle. This is used in the movie to capture scenes from an actor’s perspective. But also in reports to give the viewer the feeling of being part of the action itself. In both cases, an extremely authentic representation of the plot succeeds.


The headband reached fashion fame in the roaring 80s. There it was mainly used as an accessory, but in some cases also to keep the good hair away from the forehead. Since the headband has become the trademark of many stars like Axel Rose or Nena, it has also become more and more modern among teenagers and young adults.

Today the headband is celebrating its first revival, so there is a wide selection of headbands in numerous shapes and colors. The headbands, which are set with small crystal stones so that they are really rubbery, are especially nice for women.

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