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High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 

It's hard to keep up with exactly how our favorite stars wear their hair, especially when they seem to chop and change their appearance so regularly. If Rihanna is your image inspiration and you want to bring your photo to your salon to copy her look, it would make no sense if you could only view photos of her umbrella bob days around 2008. But no worry! Here at Pretty Designs we searched high and low to find the latest hairstyles that your favorite actresses, singers and Kardashians are wearing for 2016.


It's impossible to miss the huge noise Beyonce made with their groundbreaking new visual album Lemonade. However, keeping up with Queen B's ever-changing hairstyles is even more difficult. It goes without saying that it looks perfect no matter what locks it rocks. She was recently seen with blonde braids and tousled blonde beach waves. But the latest look we've seen Bey with is that long, sleek, and straightforward style she wore at the Met Gala.


Rihanna is another star who keeps coming out with new, exciting looks. This comes as no surprise when you consider that Bad Gal Riri (as it is often called) is known to be an absolutely creative free spirit with its music and image. Lately, she's put on a strict and dramatic bob for her video Needed Me, directed by Harmony Korine. Most recently, the Bajan actor has been seen paying tribute to the late legend Prince while wearing chic and relaxed medium-length black hair.

Katy Perry


instagram @katyperry

Katy Perry has gone through a lot of bizarre looks throughout her career. From fluorescent blue wigs to pink winning rolls in cotton candy, she never looks less than totally glamorous. Nowadays, KP has returned to the look she rocked in the early days of her career and is wearing pitch black hair again. The only difference is that the pop princess threw the pin-up girl waves and the full rim overboard. Instead, she now wears it often, like the classy style that can be seen in this Instagram picture.

Kylie Jenner

We saw her with blonde, turquoise and ombre hair. It also went from super long to super short. But now it looks like Kylie Jenner is going for pitch black hair worn in a perfectly polished bob.

Gigi Hadid

We are used to seeing supermodel Gigi with her trademark loose golden waves. However, it does appear that the gorgeous runway star has redesigned this spring, as she recently unveiled her new thick fringe and super-layered hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian

Unlike the other celebrities on this list, Kim K has rarely strayed from the look we're used to. Aside from a few brief encounters with blonde hair and a bob, Kim knows what she looks like

od with and she stays with it. At the moment, she looks as beautiful as ever with her long, dark brown curls.

Cara Delevigne

instagram @caradelevigne

We love Cara because she is so real and down to earth. If she can't bother putting on makeup and hair, she looks happy and looks completely casual and relaxed. Even if she goes out in a romper and her hair is in a messy bun, the extraordinary supermodel always looks stunning. In her latest look, her iconic honey brown hair has pulled back into a tight ponytail that shows off her iconic eyebrows and cheekbones.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is absolutely thrilled right now because she and Ryan Reynolds have announced that they are expecting their second child later this year. Lately, the beauty of Gossip Girl has been showing off her golden waves in an effortlessly stunning vintage bun.

Nicki Minaj

It seems like a lot of female celebrities are growing up these days, dropping daring hairstyles for more mature, understated looks. We never thought that hip hop queen Nicki Minaj would say goodbye to her pink wigs and barbie curls for such a classic style. But the elaborate black up-do she wore at the Time 100 event in 2016 looked fantastic to her.

Taylor Swift

For years we have been used to the musician Taylor Swift wearing her hair either in super girly princess curls or in a slim, chic blonde bob. However, Tay was recently seen rocking her most daring act so far. A peroxide blonde rock chick short style that's edgy and cool.


Singer, model, activist and actress … is there something Zendaya can't do? We still have to find something that the 19-year-old is unable to do. But you can add to her list of successes that every hairstyle looks incredible. The former Disney Channel star was at the center of controversy in early 2015 when she was trolled online and in the media for her beautiful braided hairstyle. Fortunately, she couldn't be stopped from flaunting this super stylish look, and recently Zendaya hasn't been seen anywhere without her hair being braided into smooth cornrows.

Miley Cyrus

instagram @mileycyrus

Not too long ago, Miley Cyrus shocked the world by showing us how much Hannah Montana had grown up, complete with foam fingers and a light blonde fairy harvest. Now, however, it looks like the rebellious singer is growing her hair and even adding a full margin to her.

Jennifer Lawrence

Since she appeared on our screens and has become a household name with films like X-Men and The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence has been very popular and a role model for girls everywhere. She is also known for her long honey blonde hair and full fringes, which are often worn half up, half down or in a graceful up-do. At the premiere in April 2016 of A beautiful planet In New York City, J-Law introduced us to a dramatically layered, light blonde bob.

Selena Gomez

instagram @selenagomez

Selena Gomez is another former Disney star who has grown up a lot and is now showing her sultry side, as in the hit Hands to Myself. When she's not busy redesigning her image with mega hit singles, she looks absolutely stunning with thick and shiny natural brunette waves.

Ariana Grande

Hawt celebrities

Ariana Grande is another star who is less experimental with her hair and prefers to stick to a style that she knows looks absolutely fabulous for her. In a 2014 Facebook post, Ariana announced that the reason she always chooses her hair, either in a ponytail or half up half down, is because she chose her hair for her role as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon's Victorious completely damaged and colored red. To date, she rocks her trademark style and it still looks as good as ever.

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