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High Front Pumps

What are high-front pumps?

Definition: As the name suggests, pumps with a high front belong to the category of pumps. High-front pumps are characterized by the fact that they are cut high and closed towards the footrest. For this reason they could be called “women’s slippers”. Sometimes high-front pumps are also called high necked intended.


Why can you combine high-front pumps?

High-front pumps are among the most rewarding types of shoes in terms of their combination options and are not a fashionable challenge: Classic models can easily be combined with a variety of items of clothing: For elegant, see high-front pumps Mini skirt or to Gaiters out. But they’re just as good as her fine jeans combine. High-end pumps are a great choice not only in the office but also for leisure, as they are elegant and comfortable at the same time. Their high front protects them well from the cold and their not too high heels allow them to be walked comfortably.

Flowing transitions: differentiation between pumps with a high front and ankle boots

What is the difference between high front pumps and ankle boots?

Ankle boots Ankle boots) extend to the ankle and have a much higher wave height than high front pumps. The shoes in the picture above (shoes with chains) can therefore Not when designated.

What type of shoe rack is suitable for high-front pumps?

High-front pumps can easily be stowed in a shoe carousel or in the shoe room by the door. Particularly chic high-front pumps come into their own in a shoe organizer.

Here you will find an overview of the different types of shoe storage.

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