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High heels

What are high heels?

Definition: If from high heels The speech is usually meant pumps, sometimes high heels. However, shoes are always meant by high heels, since high heels have a high heel, which you also have stiletto. Spike heel or Stiletto heel is called.

The history of high-heeled shoes

Heeled shoes have been made since 1661. Believe it or not, they were originally made for a noble man (Monsieur Philippe, the brother of Louis XIV) whom his wife laughed at because of his small size. From today’s perspective, it’s hard to understand that precisely the most feminine footwear was made for men. High heels are much more than high-heeled shoes: they are at the same time a symbol of feminine strength and feminine fragility, provocative and sexy.

What is the difference between high heels and pumps?

The conditions pumps and high heels are often used synonymously. With pumps Shoes are usually associated with moderately high heels, while high heels are more of a high-heeled shoe like stilettos and high heels. Both terms – high heels and pumps So serve as a category term for many types of shoes with heels.

The guide to high heels

How do I learn to walk in high heels?

Special courses are offered, the aim of which is to walk on high heels. Those who prefer to save their money, watch better model casting shows, and practice in front of the mirror at home.

Is It Healthy To Wear High Heels?

Women who often wear high heels usually know themselves that this is not healthy, but they like to look feminine and live by the motto “If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer”. Some women are true artists who walk or practice on high heels and regularly walk in high heels in front of the mirror. Doctors warn against heels that are too high as they can cause sprains or fractures. Therefore, you should not wear high-heeled shoes every day and choose models in which you still feel a little comfortable. The height of the heel should not be overdone – the higher and narrower the heel, the more unstable the grip on the shoes.

Should I drive with high heels?

When driving, safety is not the priority, but safety. You should therefore replace your high heels with sturdy shoes when driving! Although driving in high heels is not officially prohibited, you shouldn’t expect an accident or other trouble.

Are high heels a no-go for emancipated women?

There is disagreement in feminist circles as to whether or not high heels are acceptable. One side claims that high-heeled shoes turn women into helpless, ridiculous beings who have to constantly focus on not falling. You can’t run as fast with high heels as with typical men’s shoes. The other side combines emancipation with simultaneous pride in femininity and advocates dressing as feminine as possible. Every woman has to decide for herself which heel height best suits her own attitude towards life. See also: properties and shoes.

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