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High Heels Shoes

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High heels are the typical distinguishing feature of a woman’s shoe, and heels come in many varieties. Anyone who has precise ideas about which heel shape a shoe should have, but does not know the names of the individual heels, is faced with a problem. Not only when buying shoes on the Internet, but also in specialist shops, it is advantageous to know the names of the different types of sale. We have put together an overview of the most important types of heel for you so that you do not waste time with elaborate formulations when shopping, but can instead search for your perfect shoe model.

The individual sales forms at a glance:

1. The stiletto heel

The stiletto heel is also called Spike heel. Stiletto heel or High heel. In addition to its often dizzying heights, this heel is known for its slim shape and the typical “clack-clack” sound it creates. Wearing high heels requires a lot of balance and a good body awareness. Walking on these heels must be learned or trained. Few women dominate the safe walk on this type of heel from the start. For this reason, special training courses are offered in which you can learn how to run in high heels. Penny heels are the heels that break most often due to their narrow shape. Much of the weight of the stiletto wearer’s body is at the top of the stiletto heels. The heavier the woman, the shorter the lifespan of the high heels. For this reason, replacement heels for the heels are included in some high heels.

2. The block

This type of heel has the advantage that, due to its width, it offers safe walking comfort and a stable hold even with higher heels. Although the block heel isn’t quite as sexy as the stiletto heel, the silhouette of block heels still looks quite elegant. Block heel shoes are the perfect compromise between elegance and functionality.

3. The funnel heel

In contrast to the block heel, the funnel heel widens upwards. In contrast to the stiletto heel, however, the top of the heel is wider than a typical penny piece and therefore offers more stability than the stiletto heel. The funnel heel is particularly widespread for ankle boots.

4. Small funnel

The little funnel is a little more playful than the block heel. In contrast to the funnel heel, the small funnel is compact and offers the wearer a similarly secure hold as the block heel. With its stocky shape, the small funnel is lower than it really is.

5. Cuban

The Cuban is similar to the block heel, but is slightly wider and thus offers an even better grip than the block heel. But the Cuban heel is less sexy and elegant than its sleek counterpart. This is often mentioned Cuban intended. Not surprisingly, the transitions are still flowing.

6. The wedge heel

He will too Wedges sales called. Similar to the block heel, he can walk comfortably on the wedge heel even with quite high heels. The wedge heel offers even better grip than the block heel. A disadvantage of the wedge heel: it quickly makes the shoes – and thus the overall appearance of the wearer – look clunky and is less elegant than block heels or high heels. In addition, the wedge heel is fashionable and not without controversy. If you want to cheat more skillfully, grab dark wedge heels.

7. The plateau

Similar to the wedge heel, the platform heel – apart from extreme models such as pony heels – offers safe walking comfort even with dizzying heel heights. In contrast to the wedge heel, whose heel height increases from the midfoot to the heel, the platform heel is characterized by the fact that the thick heel has a constant height and also – or only – runs under the forefoot. Platform heels can be continuous and do not always have the typical extreme heel height: Flip-flops also belong to the platform shoes. The disadvantage of the platform heel: It is not elegant. Walking on platform heels can quickly recall the stomping of an elephant walking on toe pads while paddling a duck. A more elegant version of the platform shoes can be found in the shoe model of the mules shoes: They combine two types of heels: stiletto heels and platform shoes.

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