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High tops

What are high tops?

Definition: When High tops A special type of sneaker that has a slightly higher shaft than ordinary sneakers. The shaft of the high-tops extends over the ankles. Thus, the shoe style can be viewed as the sportier counterpart to the approximately ankle-high ankle boots. High tops are often worn when playing basketball, but are also very popular as casual shoes. High-tops are mostly worn by men or young men. As androgynous unisex shoes, however, high-tops are becoming increasingly popular among women. Like the model shown on the left, which comes from the Amazon range, high-tops are often viewed as such for the sake of simplicity sneakers intended.

What is the difference between tall tips and chucks?

Chucks usually have a shaft above the ankle, but they are also known as chucks Low chucks, ie with a lower shaft. In addition, chucks are by definition made of linen. In contrast, the term refers to High tops exclusively on sneakers with ankle-high shaft. In addition, the name indicates High tops There are no restrictions on the material.


Why can you combine high tops?

So that the increased shaft is optimal, you should combine high tops, not with flared trousers like flared trousers, but rather with trousers that are relatively narrow. Another, slightly cheeky combination option are the too short skirts. This creates a wonderful contrast between the feminine effect of skirts and the androgynous effect of high-tops. For the combination to work well, it should be ensured that the rock does not have too fine a material.

Are high-tops suitable as shoes for the office?

As already mentioned, high-tops belong to sports and leisure shoes. Even high-tops are tolerated in offices where traditional sneakers are the order of the day. High-tops should be avoided in finer environments.

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