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Hipsters Jeans

Hipster jeans are tight-fitting trousers or jeans that are quite low compared to the usual trousers and just above the hips. The sexy and figure-hugging hipster is currently very popular with young women.

Classification of the hipster category

They are considered sexy, modern and absolutely trendy: the hipsters. Every woman has had to have them since the 90s because they accentuate the bum and create particularly feminine curves.

Features of the cut

Called “hipsters” in English, the hipsters are characterized by a very tight cut. The waistband sits on the hips while reaching to the navel of other pants. Therefore, short or navel-free tops are particularly effective.

Hipsters are now available in every fashion store. The customer can choose between different colors and models, because hipsters are part of the regular range from discount stores to designer stores. Therefore, the popular pants are available in every price segment.


The most common fabric for hipsters is denim. Due to the great demand, the pants are also made from other materials such as cord or leather.

advantages and disadvantages

The hipsters put individual body jewelry in the form of navel piercings, but also tattoos on the torso, lower abdomen and hips in the right light. A disadvantage of hipsters is their inability to hide smaller problem areas or to warm the lumbar spine sufficiently when the outside temperature is lower. Still, hipsters are part of every outfit, especially for teenagers and young women.

The trousers can be worn casually or combined with an elegant business or dinner outfit. Because of its versatility, the hipster is one of the most popular items of clothing.

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