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The hoodie looks like a sweatshirt, only it has a hood, mostly for fashion reasons. Hoodies are available in different materials and for both toddlers and adults.

Classification of the hoodies category

Hooded shirts have – as the name suggests – a hood on the collar. This headgear, which is usually cut like a bag, often has a drawstring in the hem that allows it to be pulled around the head.

First and current use

Originally, the hoodie had a practical purpose – the hood was supposed to protect the wearer from inclement weather. It is even part of the army clothing. In the meantime, the hood has become more of a fashionable detail, which at best is still actually used in sportswear – for example by runners.

In addition to its functionality, the hoodie has been a trend item since the 1980s, emphasizing the liveliness and coolness of the wearer, especially in the rapper and hip-hop scene. Pieces with expressive motifs, logos, characters and patterns in dark or strongly contrasting colors are very popular and sometimes serve as an indication of belonging.

Typical properties

There are models with short or long sleeves, in a light fabric quality or as a more robust sweatshirt. There is almost always a tunnel-shaped pocket at belly level, also known as a “knuckle pocket”, which emphasizes the sporty character of the shirt.

As a leisure or sporting article, the hoodie is therefore mainly available in bright, cheerful colors – possibly with block stripes or applications on the back or chest. The pleasant wearing comfort is enhanced by the use of skin-friendly, breathable cotton fabrics. Whether as a leisure suit or jeans – a hoodie gives the wearer a sporty, casual look and puts them in a good mood.

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