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Hottest Easy Short Haircuts for Women

Hottest Easy Short Haircuts for Women

One of the biggest mistakes girls can make is believing that they need long, flowing curls to look feminine and sexy. Although long hair can of course look absolutely stunning on all types of girls, you don't have to rely on this style to do your personal best. Summer is getting closer and with it come warm weather and many fresh new styles. For this reason, now is the best time to take the plunge and do a wonderfully short haircut. There is no going back when you choose to hang your long locks. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose the perfect style for you. Regardless of whether you opt for a slim bob or a choppy pixie crop, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration here in the 22 most beautiful short haircuts.

caramel swirl

This cute hairstyle looks almost good enough to eat. Keep the hair short on the sides, but longer and slightly wavy at the top to restore this flattering shape. The combination of honey blonde and caramel brown fits together perfectly, especially with short, swirling hair.

Quiff Pixie


ice queen

What could be slimmer and more polished than a platinum blonde / silver pixie cut? This stunning style has been cut perfectly and has a curved side edge. As if that weren't enough, the icy tones complement the model's pale skin.

Trendy pixie


cherry layers

It's hard to say what we love most about this choppy pixie crop. The cherry red color will look beautiful on all skin tones and the angled cut with multiple layers and a heavily stacked back is all the trend.

Red, shaggy hair


Cherry stripe, graduated bob

This angled bob adheres to the sweet cherry red color scheme and is smooth on the front and straight with stacked, choppy layers on the back. The color is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to do anything too daring.

Stacked short bob


Silver and blonde pixie

One way to update a classic pixie crop is to experiment with different colors, and silver tones are all the rage right now. Color the bottom of your shortcut in a shimmering silver tone and keep the top and icy blonde for a really fun look.

Two-tone layered pixie


Choppy pixie with ombre

This is a classic short cut that has proven time and time again to be flattering for girls of all sizes, ages and face shapes. The gradual fading of ombre from blonde to brown gives the hair a definition and highlights the choppy layers.

Ash Brown Pixie


Asymmetric pixie

A one-sided pixie crop like this is the perfect way to flaunt your facial features. Hold one side a little long to frame your face, while the opposite side is cut short enough to open your eyes and bone structure.

Blond layered short hair


The Peter Pan

This mischievous burgundy-colored crop is an absolute must for every girl with big eyes and a beautiful bone structure. The many jagged layers are perfectly framed and make you look very youthful.

Curly red hair


Polished silver

This perfectly polished elf looks stunning with short, stacked layers and dramatically angled bangs. The color is so astonishingly white-blonde that it almost has an icy silver tone. If you love this pixie haircut, you can find more here.

Sliver pixie


Platinum pixie

An icy hue of platinum blonde combined with a dramatically angled cut and spiky layers will highlight everyone in the crowd. Opt for the whitest shade of blonde and super short layers to restore this look.

Pixie with short bangs


rose gold

The soft, rosy color of this magical pixie cut has something very romantic about it. Try a subtle pastel shade like this if you want to experiment with fun colors but don't want to do anything too vivid.



Everything over the back

One of the best things about rocking a pixie cut is that it's a rare opportunity to flaunt the back of your hair. Keep the layers of your white blonde crop short and stacked if you really want to keep the drama in the background.

Splinters of soft short hair


Pastel blue reverse ombre

When most of us imagine ombre hair with a bold color, we imagine a natural shade with a rainbow shade at the bottom of the hair. Reverse Ombre turns style upside down, starting with the bold color and moving into something more subtle. This pastel blue graded bob shows how incredible reverse ombre can look.

Short hair with side parting


Super short

Keep your pixie cut super short and trim it with a few subtle layers if you want a haircut that is incredibly easy to use but still looks stylish.

Golden pixie


Undercut with uneven layers

This super edgy cut is the perfect mix of sexy and wild. Don't gradually switch from a shaved undercut to choppy, tousled layers to keep your style exciting.

Messy pixie


Cool tinted crop

Here's another example of how beautiful pastel blue shades go with short pixie cuts. This color is the perfect mix of liveliness and subtlety and is sure to look cool on girls of all skin tones.

Purple and teal pixie


Side sweep

Keep it flattering with lots of long layers and some face frame side bangs. This cut is versatile enough that you can change the style at any time, but short enough to remain easy to use.

White short hair


Worn layers

If your short pixie cut is stacked with layers on the back, you don't feel like you always have to top it up. Your crop can look just as stunning and structured when you brush your layers down, making it disheveled and a little messy. More short hairstyles can be found here.

Pixie with long bangs


Wine red highlights

Have you ever wondered if you can play around with fun colors like this purple wine red but still stay refined and workable? A few highlights of the shocking shadow from side bangs are both reserved and striking.

Highlighted short hair


Extra short graduate bob

If you want to grow a shortened elf or take advantage of a chic bob and super short cut, this look may be ideal for you.

Blonde short haircut


Jagged cut

Unleash your inner punk princess by trying this contrasting, edgy cut. You have to be pretty sure to get such a bold harvest with a light blue hue.

Ombre pixie


Extra long bangs

Keep the front edge of your dramatically angled crop super long. The extreme A-line in this cut allows you to enjoy both long, feminine curls and short, spiky hair at the same time.

Windblown hair


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