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Hottest Inverted Bobs to Get You Inspired

Hottest Inverted Bobs to Get You Inspired

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the word "bob" only covers one type of hairstyle. This umbrella term encompasses so many different types of cuts that it is impossible to count them all. There is the long bob (or "praise"), the choppy bob, the pixie bob, the blunt bob and then of course one of the most consistent and popular styles out there. the reverse bob. Similar, but not the same as an A-line bob; This chic cut makes the most of stacked layers in the crown and long lines on the front of the hair.

It's no surprise that inverted bobs never went out of style. After all, this is a great way to give your haircut an edge and still keep it low maintenance. Just as there are many different types of bob cuts, there are countless ways to style your beautiful inverted bob. Here are some of our favorites to inspire you.

Sweeping Bangs – Inverted Bob for thick hair

You would have to search quite far to find a more flattering way of shaping your face. If you really want to make the most of your features but don't want long hair, try this inverted bob with long side bangs and blonde balayage that's a little lighter in the front.

Black and blonde bob


Scruffy Chic – Layered Balayage Inverted Bob Hairstyle

This slightly messy chin-length bob has something very elven-like, especially when combined with ashes blonde balayage, This look goes with any girl who is lucky to have naturally thick, springy hair.

Highlighted bob


Perfectly Ruffled – Inverted Bob with Soft Curls

Of course, not all of us have been blessed with hair that is full of bouncy bodies. If you're concerned that your locks look a bit too slack or that your inverted bob isn't formal enough to wear for a glamorous occasion, just take your curling iron and turn.

Curly Bob


Flowing Waves – Short Ombre Inverted Bob Hairstyle

We usually combine bohemian flowing waves with long hair. Who would have thought that such a hippy-chic look would go so well with an inverted bob?

Blonde inverted waves


All Over the Back – Reverse Bob Hairstyle Rear View

As mentioned earlier, one of the defining features of an inverted bob is the stacked, layered crown. This gives the wearer a rare chance to really focus on the back of their hair, just like in this jagged, dark style.

Messy inverted bob


Bold Balayage – African American Inverted Bob Hairstyle

It's no secret that sun-kissed balayage accents go perfectly with inverted bobs. This look shows that you don't have to keep your coloring subtle. Go out everything with gold and black. To really highlight your look, add some beautifully sinuous curls, a perfect hairstyle for black women with thick hair.

Two-tone inverted bob


Extra short inverted bob hairstyle

This cropped cut is somewhere between a classic inverted bob and a pixie cut and makes every daring girl look totally cool and quirky. Keep the length a little longer and smooth at the top while the bottom of the hair is shaved to an extreme undercut.

Layered short bob


Traditional inverted bob hairstyle with layers

Are you looking for the perfect mix between reserved and nervous? This traditional bob cut with full bangs is extremely cute and can give your look a classy touch. The angled cut and feathered layers, however, provide just the right amount of nervousness.

Inverted bob with wispy bangs


Extreme Layers – Layered Inverted Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Short, tousled layers on the crown and extra long framing layers on the face are enough to transform any bob from average to astonishing.

Inverted bob for brunettes


Dramatic angles – Inverted bob hairstyle for straight hair

This striking cut is ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with an inverted bob but doesn't want to say goodbye to long hair yet. The extreme length difference between the front and back makes this style a real show stopper.

Black bob


Two cuts in one

Instead of starting long and gradually shortening backwards, this cut goes from one extreme to the other very quickly. The front sections are the length of a medium-length bob, while the back cuts closely towards the neck.

Blonde layered bob


Full Bangs – Reverse bob hairstyle with bangs

Bobs with full bangs have been a staple for much of the past century. This may be one of the fanciest hairstyles out there, but like anything else, it could always use an update, just like this warm-toned reverse cut.

Inverted bob with bangs


Cool cut

This jagged update of the classic "Louise Brooks" bobsleigh from the 1920s is suitable for every fashionista out there. The vintage short edge in this look really makes the sultry makeup pop.

Inverted bob with short bangs


Sweet Treat – Reverse bob hairstyle for thin hair

The combination of colors in this sleek, inverted cut has something very sweet about it. From the chocolate brown basic tones to the chunky caramel highlights, the color mix here is absolutely breathtaking.

Inverted bob with highlights


Warm It Up – Sweet inverted bob hairstyle for girls

Summer is almost here. Isn't it time you added some warmth to your hair? The warm tones in this bob are flattering on all skin types, from ivory to dark. In addition, gold and maroon make hair look healthier than ever.

Smooth waves


Sparkling Ombre – Ombre Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Medium Hair

It doesn't get much trendier than this ombre inverted bob. The light strawberry blonde and shiny black colors go perfectly together and funny layers give the hair movement.

Ombre inverted bob


Red and Black Ombre Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

For a more extreme ombre look, try adding bold reds to the ends of your jet black curls. The fullness and the blunt cut make the red tips even clearer.

Brown and Red Bob


Split black bob on the side – chic reversed bob haircut with glasses

This is an absolutely adorable haircut. The deep side parting looks particularly good on girls with round faces. Worn with cute glasses like this, the cut looks pretty geeky chic.

Black inverted bob


Choppy Curls – Reverse bob hairstyle for wavy hair

Delicately curled, choppy layers make even the thinnest hair look springy and full-bodied. This is especially the case when the hair has been dyed in a beautiful red and gold ombre. This cut is perfect for thick hair.

Mahogany bob


Rose gold – side view of the inverted bob hairstyle

Inverted Bob Hairstyle 2017 – There is no doubt that rose gold is currently the hottest color. Some people rock it on their cell phones, some on their jewelry, and some on their clothes and shoes. Why not stand out from the crowd by opting for a rose gold bob with a high back?

Sunny-kissed inverted bob


Diagonal Lines – Trendy Red Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Chic short haircut for 2017 – As if the warm red tones of this bob were not pretty enough, the diagonal lines in the cut play with the concept of the inverted bob and give the hair a serious structure.

Naughty red bob


Super slim

If the cut of your hair is so striking, you don't have to do without the color. Keep the tones of your locks natural with just a few blonde highlights and you are sure to look stunning.

Blonde bob with black highlights


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