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Dressing gowns are very comfortable coats for women, men and children. In a bathrobe it feels comfortable to lie on the sofa at home or to sit in the kitchen. He is lively dressed and made of finer material than a bathrobe.

Classification of the dressing gown category

The bathrobe used to be an integral part of the daily wardrobe, but has now gone out of style. It is not to be confused with the bathrobe, which has almost completely replaced it as an abused bathrobe. Playboy boss Hugh Heffner is an avowed supporter and presents himself almost exclusively in this garment in his rumen.

Memories of old movies

Lovers of old films will surely remember various Sherlock Holmes actors who were always placed in his own wing chair by the director with a bathrobe and pipe to attract attention.


It is undisputed – a bathrobe is comfortable and still offers a “dressed” look. Like any ordinary robe, the robe surrounds the torso and extends at least to the knee. At the waist it is held together by a fabric belt, which often has two pelvic heels and two patch pockets on the front, in which one can perfectly store glasses, mail, morning newspaper or perhaps a tobacco pipe.

In contrast to a bathrobe, a bathrobe is never made of terrycloth, but of fine, often silky, shimmering fabrics. Mostly it is lined and has a wrap on the sleeves and a lapel collar. Very exclusive models are even equipped with a breast pocket.

Popular colors and patterns

Usually “he” and “she” wear housecoats in muted, rather dark colors like

  • Bordeaux
  • Fir green
  • Ultramarine or
  • Gray.

In addition to monochrome pieces, there are also those with woven ones

or just in the classic

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