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How to Decorate the Rooms with Plants

If you don’t have a garden and you want to add something green to the rooms, you can DIY your own plants. How to add green with your favorite plants in order to decorate your rooms? You can find solutions in the post.

There are thousands of ideas to make a mini garden for your rooms. Spring brings green things and represents new beginning. To meet the spirit of the season, you can choose some of the mini garden ideas to DIY. Today’s post will give you some DIY projects to do the mini garden at home. You can learn how to reuse the old bottles and create your own mini garden.

Have no hesitation to check the post out and make something green for your home as well.

DIY succulent terrariums

DIY succulent terrariums via

Teacup Garden via

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Cute Plants and Neutral Planters via

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Freshwater terrarium via

Indoor garden via

Wood Base Terrariums via

Adorable DIY terrariums via

Your Own Beautiful Terrarium via

Wine Cork DIY Project via

Herbs in Mason Jars via

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