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How to Make Your Hair Stronger

All women want a head with lush long hair, just like Rapunzel. But the cruel fact is that not all women are blessed with such perfect hair. We love healthy and shiny hair that is not fragile. Is it possible that we can all get beautiful long hair? Naturally! Let's take a look at the five tips for longer and thicker hair. They are given by famous experts and board certified hair restoration doctor Alan J. Bauman, MD. Your hair will get a lot better if you keep following these great tips. Enjoy!

Useful tips for strong hair

Useful tips for strong hair

Tip 1: keep yourself healthy
We have all heard of the old saying that you are what you eat. It turns out to be pretty scientific. Bauman suggests that you eat healthy foods that contain the essential vitamins and nutrients that we need, such as zinc, iron, selenium, biotin, and B-12. So your hair can be healthier, stronger and longer.

Keep a healthy diet

Tip 2: Take good hair growth supplements
A nutritional supplement like Viviscal is useful for your hair growth, which has proven to be workable. Such a supplement contains the necessary nutrient, an exclusive AminoMar C complex, to repair thinning hair.

Nice long and strong hair

Tip 3: Use a better comb
A good comb is a necessary equipment for healthy human hair and you should comb your hair often. If your comb cannot straighten your hair without making you feel uncomfortable, you should change the comb. FDA-approved combs are said to make your curls stronger and stimulate your hair to grow. But they're pretty expensive. Your comb is suitable for our daily use as long as you feel comfortable after combing your hair.

5 tips to make your hair stronger and longer

Tip 4: Apply therapy
Bauman recommends that some prostaglandin analogs can work for hair growth. Lastisse, which is perfect for eyelash waxing, can promote hair growth if you apply it to your scalp. You can give it a try.

Strong long hair

Tip 5: love your hair
Women are the creatures who love the beauty of this world the most. Your hair is inevitably your best accessory. We subconsciously hurt it by styling it extremely or using bad hair products. So think of Bauman's words "Don't participate in activities that hurt your hair" and love your hair the right way.

Secrets to make your hair strong

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