6 DIY Ways to Style a Bandana for Summer - Paper and Stit

How to Use Bandana

What hairstyle would you like to have when you enjoy your vacation? We think the best answer is hair with a headscarf. Bandana is a piece of square cloth. Usually it is used to wrap hair or to make it into an outfit. Today we're going to show you some hairstyles with a headscarf.

Using bandana to spice up your vacation look is a good idea. The little towel can either combine summer rolls or half up half down. The hairstyles with a headscarf can always show a casual feeling for women. Here we offer you several options for creating a holiday look with a headscarf. Not only are they easy to wear, they are also easy to manufacture.

Here you will find enough bandana hairstyles to enjoy your vacation. Just browse through and get one of the designs. We are sure that they will not let you down.

Top bun

Top bun over

Back bun via

Vintage vibe over

Braid with bandana over

Casual hair over

Twisted bun over

Headscarf over

Straight hair over

Subtle waves over

Medium length hair over

Ponytail over

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