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How to Wear Checked Pieces for Winter

How to Wear Checked Pieces for Winter

Checkered patterns can be used not only to design summer clothes, but also to combine your winter look. Pull your plaid patterned garments out of the closet this winter, or add some plaid patterns to your look. You don't know how? Do not worry. In today's publication, you'll learn how to wear checkered patterns.

There are ways to add marked patterns. You can combine your look with plaid scarves, plaid dress, plaid coat, etc. Checked patterns are straightforward and can complete many looks.

You can find the mating ideas in the article. Search the post and find the tips you want.

Pink and black checked scarf

Some girls may choose gray and black as the main colors for the winter outfits. To spice up the look, you can wear a plaid scarf to add color and shape to the whole look.

Pink and black plaid scarf over

Plaid black and white dress

It's classic and chic to wear a plaid dress for your winter outfit.

Black and white checked dress over

Plaid blue coat

It's cool to wear a plaid coat to combine your bell bottoms and patterned shirts.

Checked blue coat over

Plaid skirt and shoes

Keep your butt in a controlled way. You can wear a plaid skirt and put on a pair of plaid shoes when it gets warm.

Plaid skirt and plaid shoes over

Long checked skirt

It's classic to wear a black and white outfit in winter.

Long plaid skirt over

Black and white checked coat

Do you want to be cool for the winter look? You can just wear a plaid blazer coat and make other parts in black.

Black and white checkered coat over

Checkered cape

The plaid cloak brings more life to her dress.

Checked cloak via

Black and white checked blazer

How can you miss the blazer for winter looks? This time you can combine your look with a black and white checked blazer to calm everything down.

Black and White Checked Blazer over

Black and white checkered blanket scarf

I never thought that a completely black outfit is too dark. Try to combine it with a blanket scarf!

Black and white checkered ceiling scarf via

Checked top

Checked top via

Plaid skirt and white shirt

A plaid skirt goes well with your office.

Plaid skirt and white shirt over

Sweater and plaid shirt

It is perfect to combine your sweater with your plaid shirt.

Sweater and check shirt via

Black and red checked coat

Black and red plaid coat over

White shirt, black and white checked coat, black trousers and blue shoes

White shirt, black and white plaid coat, black pants and blue shoes over

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