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Hunting Shoes

Hunting boots are particularly suitable for hunting in the forest, in fields, in the mountains or for snow-covered shoes or boots. When hunting boots, it is particularly important that they do not make any noise when pedaling so as not to hinder the hunt.

Classification of the hunting shoes category

Hunting boots are mainly used in hunting, but also for foresters and hunters.

Types of hunting boots

The term encompasses different types of shoes that are used as sports equipment depending on the location and project. Especially for hunting events themselves

second hand. These are usually extremely light, high-heeled boots made from breathable and good quality leathers such as nubuck and cowhide. The shoe provides the hunter with an easy and quiet step, which he also needs on the handle in order not to frighten the hunt for animals.

Recommended for actions by the hunter outside of the actual hunt

as hunting boots that are completely waterproof like pirate clothing and guarantee the hunter a dry and stable foot on all surfaces and in all weather conditions.

Hunting boots can often only be bought from special manufacturers who, depending on the hunting tradition, also produce tailor-made clothing for specific costumes or rework historical shoes to give a traditional hunting costume the right footwear.

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