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Ideas to Recreate Your Sunglasses

Ideas to Recreate Your Sunglasses

Sometimes wearing sunglasses not only serves to protect the eyes from sunlight and wind, but also to complete a new hairstyle or outfit. I am sure that every woman has multiple sunglasses because they are both versatile and stylish.

Sunglasses can be used to combine dresses, t-shirts, tanks … but sometimes they may not match the colors or styles. Then the sunglasses can be re-styled to match the look.

To create stylish sunglasses, you can add some elements to the frame. You can put some flowers or some metal objects on it. If you can't find these things, you can use the polishes to change the colors of the sunglasses.

There are 14 ideas to review here. They are simple and useful. Try them out and be inspired!

Embroidered sunglasses

Embroidered sunglasses over

Flower sunglasses

Flower sunglasses via

Beaded sunglasses

Pearl sunglasses over

Bow sunglasses

Bow sunglasses over

Polka dot sunglasses

Polka Dot sunglasses via

Star sunglasses

Star sunglasses over

Sweet sunglasses

Sweet sunglasses over

Jewelry sunglasses

Jewelry sunglasses over


Sunglasses over

Polished sunglasses

Polished sunglasses over

Striped sunglasses

Striped sunglasses over

Glitter glasses

Glitter glasses over

Embellished sunglasses

Embellished sunglasses over

Studded sunglasses

Rivet glasses via

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